City Of Charm & Romance!

A Unesco World Heritage City Centre

Bruges was given this status in the year 2000.

“Brugge is an outstanding example of a medieval historic settlement, which has maintained its historic fabric as this has evolved over the centuries, and where original Gothic constructions form part of the town’s identity. As one of the commercial and cultural capitals of Europe, Brugge developed cultural links to different parts of the world. It is closely associated with the school of Flemish Primitive painting”.


Bruges Hotels

There are so many Hotels, Bed & Breakfast establishments and apartments to choose from here in Bruges.
With Prices to suit every pocket, get booking now!

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Canal Boat Trips

Undoubtedly one of the best ways to see Bruges, is from the canals. Get up close and see things that you otherwise might not see! – And get a taste of what life was like years ago when the canals were the lifeline and trade routes to the inner city…

Museums & Monuments

Not only is the imposing Belfort Tower a magnificent building, it is also one of the numerous and varied museums of Bruges.
Why not even have a look at the history of the humble potato chip in the “friet museum”?

Bruges Folk Museum

Bruges Arents Museum

Bruges Potterei Museum

Bruges Restaurants

Belgium, Bruges is renowned for it’s gastronomy. From Michelin starred restaurants, and many offering great tourist ‘menus of the day’, to fast food outlets and don’t forget the chip shops dotted all over town, serving those famous ‘Flemish Friets’

Bruges Cafés and Pubs

Belgium is recognised worldwide for it’s superior and Trappist beers .
Over 400 varieties can be found in some of the most delightful cafés and pubs in and around this charming city.
You can spend hours just trying to choose from the menu, life can be so hard!….

The Statues Of Bruges

There are Statues everywhere you look in Bruges – Some from famous artists like Michelangelo’s “Madonna of Bruges in the ‘Church Of Our Lady’ and many by lesser known artists but all quite simply remarkable!

Shopping In Bruges

Shopping in Bruges is a dedicated slice of retail therapy. All the top high street brand names are here, plus of course literally so many chocolate shops, that you will be spoilt for choice…

Christmas In Bruges

Christmas in Bruges is a magical experience. The scent of glühwein fills the air. There is lots of fun to be had at the Christmas Markets and ice skating. Also why not see the amazing ice sculptures on the station square?

Bruges City Card

Get to know the city in all its many facets and save money at the same time! With the Bruges City Card you can visit 27 museums and attractions in Bruges for free.