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Nearby Towns - Damme

Hidden in a unique rural landscape, only a few kilometers away from Bruges, Damme is the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely drink or meal on a terras, take country walks, or climb the church tower some 43m high, for some really superb views of the beautiful landscape - as far as the coast on clear days.

In the 13th century, Damme was the port for Bruges, to which it was linked by the river Reie. The river has now been canalised into the long, straight, treelined and picturesque Damse Vaart, which continues across the Dutch border to Sluis. The line of the town's star-shaped fortifications can still be traced by lines of tall poplar trees and in places by a moat. It was the site of the Battle of Damme, fought on 30 and 31 May 1213.

Damme has more recently become known as a book town, with numerous bookshops and regular book fairs.

To get there you could hire a bike, take an organized bike tour or enjoy a charming trip on the canal boat which you can board  from Bruges Noorweegse Kaai - by taking bus 43 at the station - Bus stop Sint-Kruis K. V. Manderstraat, which is opposite the depature point of the boat. Or bus 4, to bus stop Brugge Sasplein, then a walk of about 700 meters to the boat.

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Lissewege Damme Sluis
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