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Bruges Station - Bruges Tourism
Bruges Official Tourist office - The 'In & Uit'

'In & Uit' Bruges is the central information point for tourism.
Reservations for tourist and / or cultural activities.

'T Zand
8000 Bruges

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 18:00
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 10:00 - 14:00

Closed - Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Tel 0032 (0)50 44 46 46

email: toerisme@brugge.be

Concert Hall, t'Zand, Bruges - Bruges Tourism
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Bruges Train Station Info

Bruges Station is a modern decent sized station on a busy route. So there are good facilities on hand for rail travellers.

Ticket offices
Open from 06:00 - 22:00
outside of these hours tickets can be purchased on the train with no extra charge or 'fine'
Restaurant / Food
There are restaurants and bars inside the station if you want to sit and have a meal.
A take away sandwich bar - 'Panos'
'Starbucks' and 'AMT' Coffee outlets
Shopping includes
Chocolate, clothing and two international newsagents.
Baggage and lost property
Bruges concierge and lost property
Staffed Left Luggage Service
06:00 - 21:30 Daily
Tel: 0032 (0)50 30 23 28
.Plus there are automatic luggage lockers.
Location: Inside the station
Wifi Internet access
Location: A hotspot in the station

For the younger traveller to Bruges, there is an excellent bus service that actually connects with the Bauhaus Youth Hostel.

Youth hostels can be found on our accommodation page

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Station Map
Car Parking In Bruges - Most hotels have very limited or no parking facilities

Parking in Bruges at the Train Station
500 parking spaces, very close to the city centre (500m) so you can go by foot as well, a nice walk through the King Albert Park.
Open 24/7
Considerably cheaper than the metered parking in Bruges spaces and other ring road parking lots.
Parking ticket comes with a free
bus ticket to the city centre.
 (Collect this at the De Lijn -Bus
ticket office outside station)

Parking in the centre of Bruges
We don’t recommend parking in Bruges in the city centre, because the streets are quite narrow there and there aren’t many parking possibilities in the historical heart of Bruges.
Nevertheless, here is useful map about the possibilities of parking in the city centre of Bruges

Printable Parking Map of Bruges
( Courtesy Bruges Mobility Department )

Alfa Car Park, Predikherenrei, Bruges - Bruges Tourism
Banks & ATM's
ATM's Bruges - Bruges Tourism

ATM’s - (Holes-In-The-Wall) are very few and far between in Bruges.

Here is a helpful guide with maps as to locations.

KBC  Bank  Zilverstraat 34 Brugge 8000 België

KBC Bank -  Bruges

BNP Paribas - Brugge 8000 België - 3 Locations

BNP Bank -  Bruges

    Europabank - Vlamingstraat Brugge 8000 België

Europa Bank -  Bruges

ING  Bank  Kruispoort Brugge 8000 België

ING Bank (Kruispoort) -  Bruges

ING Bank  Centrum   Brugge 8000 België

ING Bank (Cebtrum) -  Bruges

Never carry too much cash and where possible always keep any cash you do have on you in different pockets. The train station and on buses are where the pick - Pockets love to work best. Indeed rather than carry too much cash, use your bank card or credit card where possible.

The British Embassy recommends that you should take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before travelling. Check any exclusions, and that your policy covers you for all the activities you want to undertake. They also advise of Local laws and customs, for Instance;

According to Belgian law, you must have some form of identification with you at all times.

Possession of drugs and trafficking in drugs are serious offences.
It is illegal to wear in public places (parks, buildings, public transport, on the street etc) clothing that hides a person’s face largely or completely. People wearing such clothing (eg the burka and nikab) risk a fine of up to €137.50 and/or detention for up to seven days. There is no exemption for tourists.

For further travel advice provided by the British Embassy please click here

                                                                       FlexiCover offer various types of fully comprehensive travel Insurance

British Emabassy

Should you have need of a chemist while in Bruges, then they are called Apotheeks. They are easily identifiable by the large Green Cross displayed in plain view. Please note that laws are strict in belgium concerning ‘over the counter drugs’. Paracetemol for instance, can only be purchased in a chemist and are really quite expensive -
Tip bring your own

If you’re staying within the city limits, a car is completely unnecessary. Cheap parking is scarce, streets are narrow, and the layout is impossible. Most streets are one-way traffic so a GPS is a must when driving in Bruges. Taxis are affordable and buses are frequent and cheap. a 'lijnkaart' (buscard) can be purchased for 10 euros and is valid for ten single journeys, with a one hour limit per journey and the ticket can be shared. Available at the bus station ticket office and at all newsagents & tobacco shops

However, Bruges is very walkable:
With a good map, it is very easy to get around most of Brugge on foot (mind the cobbles !). The street layout might be a bit confusing, but you can always orientate yourself in relation to the Belfry Tower, OLV-Church and St. Salvators cathedral. Using this method and a map, you should be able to navigate your way around very easily. There are miles of wonderful shops, cafes, restaurants, churches, etc. and there’s no better way to see these than walking.

Getting around the city is so easy
'De Lijn', Local Buses, Bruges - Bruges Tourism
Useful Tips & Emergency Telephone Numbers

A Tip For The Ladies;

We would like to mention when planning your trip to Bruges, Is to bring comfortable walking shoes for daytime wear - We have seen far too many ‘hobbles on the cobbles’ ! broken high heeled shoes, and even injuries

Who to call and what to say in an emergency...

National Emergency Services

Medical Service Tel: 100

Police  Tel: 101

Fire Service  Tel: 100

Pan-European emergency number

(calls are free from any mobile or fixed-line telephone)  112

The number 112 can be dialled to reach emergency services - medical, fire and police - from anywhere in Europe. This Pan-European emergency number 112 can be called from any telephone (landline, pay phone or mobile phone). Calls are free. It can be used for any life-threatening situation, including:

Serious medical problems (accident, unconscious person, severe injuries, chest pain, seizure)

Any type of fire (house, car)

Life-threatening situations (crimes)

Sea Rescue

Local emergency numbers for sea emergencies are as follows:

Blankenberge Emergency number Tel: 05 042 98 42

Nieuwpoort  Tel: 05 823 30 00

Osstende  Tel: 05 970 11 00

Zeebrugge  Tel: 05 054 50 72

Glossary of Emergency Terms & Phrases

112 All Over Europe - Bruges Tourism




I need an ambulance  

I need a doctor  

I need the police  

Heart attack


Very sick  





J'ai besoin d'une ambulance

Il me faut un médécin

J'ai besoin de la police

Crise cardiaque

Un accident vasculaire

Très malade

Sans connaissance




Ik heb een ziekenwagen nodig

Ik heb een doctor nodig

Ik heb de politie nodig


cérébral Beroerte

Heel ziek


Orientation - Bruges Tourism