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Is Bruges the prettiest city in Europe? Possibly. It certainly gets enough visitors, wandering around aimlessly just enjoying its streets. To feel above all that, join us as we guide you through Bruges’ other great strength - its cafés and restaurants, beer shops and bistros, showing off the finely crafted ales of the world’s top brewing nation.

Bruges - Pubs & Restaurants + Beers &  Food

Pubs and restaurants in Bruges are a plenty. Sometimes however, it’s difficult to differentiate between the two, as most pubs serve food, especially since the inside smoking ban that was introduced a few of years ago. Having said that many ‘pubs’ have made inside smoking rooms. There again because being on the terrace is so much part of Belgium culture, all terraces are usually heated. So nice to soak up the views and ‘people watch’ while sitting a a warmed terrace in winter. There are so many establishments to suit all age groups and tastes and of course there are buzzy night-spots that go on until the small hours.

Here Are Just A Few Pubs / Cafés 

In Belgium, beer is more than just a frothy beverage - it is a culture!. With over 450 different varieties, most have branded beer glasses in which they must be served.

The shape of each glass enhances the flavour of the beer for which it is designed. This tradition may seem like behaviour reserved for wine snobbery, but Belgians take their beer seriously - and with good reason. The country has enjoyed an unparalleled reputation for specialty beers since the Middle Ages. Connoisseurs favour Belgian beers for their variety, real flavour and character. There is only one working brewery in Bruges, that produce the Brugse Zot (Zot, meaning fool or idiot) and the Straffe Hendrick (Straffe meaning in this context ‘punishment’ at 9° alcohol). These two beers are produced by The Half moon Brewery in Bruges and of course there are organised brewery tours see website  -

It is easy to see the depth to which beer has become one with Belgium's culture. What other country has a driving tour through the countryside called the Beer Route?. After a day of castle hopping, visitors can stop by one of the local cafés to enjoy some chocolate with their beer, as their worries melt away. Whether you were visiting a brewery, sitting in a café or attending a festival, visitors will remember the first time they tasted their favourite brew.
There are so many many beer styles/types Belgium. With your choice of geuze, brown, lambic, white, chocolate, and cherry beer, you can't go wrong. Lambic beer, which Belgium is famous for, is made with an ancient style of brewing, relying on spontaneous fermentation to produce a bone-dry, profoundly tart, and naturally effervescent drink that improves with years in the botle - much like wine.

Belgian Beer-  Bruges Tourism Read More
A Little Bit About Belgian Beers 
Belgian Food -  Bruges Tourism
A Little Bit About Belgian Food 

Belgium has been called a nation of gourmands and gourmets: a country, in other words, where "big cuisine" meets "fine cuisine". It has been said that Belgium serves food of French quality in German quantities.
Below is a list of dishes that are seen as particularly Belgian.

Filet américain - Very finely minced ground beef eaten raw and cold. It is spread on a sandwich or bread with and sometimes topped with a sauce, usually with sauce américaine, and served with fries. When served as a dinner, it is mixed with onions and capers like steak tartare, but it retains the name américain. A similar dish is sometimes (strangely) called "toast cannibale".

Boterhammen - Slices of rustic bread and an uncovered spread, often pâté or soft cheese, served on a cutting board and eaten with knife and fork. A typical variety is a slice of bread with quark and sliced radishes, typically accompanied by a glass of gueuze.

Charcuterie, or cold meat products, particularly smoked ham (Jambon d'Ardenne) and paté, which may be made of game such as wild boar. The Ardennes region is renowned for this type of food.

Gegratineerd witloof - a gratin of chicory in béchamel sauce with cheese.
this can alsobe served as ‘rolletjes’ where the witloof (Chicory) is wrapped in ham ans served witha chesse sauce over it.

Kip met frieten en appelmoes / Poulet-frites-compote (chicken, French fries and apple sauce).

Konijn in geuze - rabbit in geuze, which is a spontaneously fermented, sour beer from the area around Brussels.

Mosselen-friet - mussels and Belgian fries.

Paling in 't groen - Eel in a green sauce of mixed herbs.

Perziken met tonijn - halved canned or fresh peaches stuffed with a mix of tuna and mayonnaise, i.e. tuna salad.

Pensen - a type of sausage in which the meat (or blood) content is mixed with fine breadcrumbs. Often eaten with potatoes and apple sauce, sometimes eaten raw or barbequeued.

Luikse salade - a salad with green beans, pieces of bacon, onions and vinegar, associated with Liège.

Stoemp - potato mashed with vegetables (usually carrots or cabbage), often served with sausages.

Tomaat-garnaal - a snack or starter of North Sea grey shrimp, mayonnaise stuffed into a hollowed-out raw tomato.

Vlaamse stoofkarbonaden / Stoofvlees -  a Flemish beef stew, similar to the French Beef Bourguignon, but made with beer instead of red wine. Normally served with chips

GentWaterzooi - a rich stew/soup of chicken (or sometimes fish), vegetables, cream and eggs, associated with Ghent.

Vis Pannetje / Fish Pan – several types of fish and prawns cooked in a rich creamy sauce and served with – you guessed it – chips!

Vis soup / Fish Soup – for real fish lovers.

Asparagus – usually the large white type served with an array of sauces.

L'Estaminet - Park 5  - Location - See Map

Situated opposite the Astrid park this is a charming old pub with beams draped in hops, that serves great spaghettis, lasagnas, burgers, toasted sandwiches  etc or super salads at reasonable prices. You can also have just a drink here.

Cafe Rose Red - Cordoeaniersstraat 16-18  - Location - See Map

If you are on a romantic break then this place will really fit the bill! Old with beams, lots of beers and lots of roses!


Cambrinus - Philipstockstraat 19 - Location - See Map

Housed in a typical Bruges stepped gable building very close to the Market square, this comfortable Brasserie serves an affordable lunch as well as a la carte meals, snacks and lots of beers to choose from, also delicious blonde and brown house beers. You can have just a drink here too - more so in the daytime.


Punta Est -Predikherenrei 1 - Location - See Map

There's a clue in the address - rei means canal and this place is overlooking one! The large terrace is a sun trap. Perfect for a morning coffee, afternoon tea or lunch or evening meal or just a drink in the sun. Bus no 6 and 16 stop close by.

t’Klien Venetie - Rozenhoedkaai. - Location - See Map

This has to be one of our favourites for the view and also the music from an old Wurlitzer!. A very romantic spot. No meals served here but you can get a large mixed salami and cheese plate and the coffee is very good.

In 't Nieuw Museum - Hooistraat 42 - Location - See Map
Something special - your steak or ribs will be cooked on a roaring open fire in front of you! Atmospheric old beamed restaurant with a good menu choice and great beers. The old map of Bruges on the wall is worth a look.

Ganzespel - Ganzenstraat 37 - Location - See Map
This is in Nicky's Bed and Breakfast lovely old house and has a homely feel to it, with warm coloured walls and candles.  Only open weekend evenings, you can get a really reasonably priced meal here - but still very enjoyable.  Perfect for all ages especially those of you on a budget.

t’Stokers House - Langestraat 7 - Location - See Map
We were reluctant to put this one in as it is somewhere we like to go for a quiet drink or a great spaghetti, but we can't be selfish! We just ask that you respect it's quiet, quaint ambience. It is a real 'find' untouched by time and that is why we like it!. Also a great cheese plate available
No website address, as the owner does not have a PC, or TV, it really is a ‘back to the past’ place.

Cafe Vlissinghe - Biekersstraat 2 - Location - See Map
Reputed to be the oldest pub in town dating from 1515 with an interior that is like a museum, possibly where some of the great artists used to meet. It has a pretty garden with a skittle alley. Good beer selection and affordable menu for light meals and snacks.

De Veloren Hoek - Carmerstraat 178 - Location - See Map
When you venture out to the Kruisport and windmills or the Folk Museum and the Jerusalem church you may like a pit-stop here.
On a sunny day there is a lovely terrace to enjoy with views of the windmills. You can have a juicy steak or maybe a Belgian stew or just a drink. All quite affordable.

Bauhaus -  Langestraat 137 – location – See Map
Cozy bar in interesting old building adjoined to the
youth hostel and restaurant  Sacre Coeur
Mainly for younger travellers, wifi zone and sport on TV.


This Is Also A Pick Up Point For The BusAbout Coach Service


De Kameliet *** - Langestraat 19

Gastronomic Perfection

Brasserie Raymond - Eiermarkt 5

An authentic French brasserie restaurant   

Den Dyver – Dyver 5

Creative restaurant serving exquisite beer dishes

Duc de Bourgogne – Huidenvettersplein 12

Restaurant with splendid location overlooking a canal
and serving gastronomic food  

De Eetkamer – Eekhoutstraat 6

Lunches and dinners as well as gourmet meals

De Florentijnen – Academiestraat 1

Very well stocked wine cellar to complement menus  

Den Gouden Karpel – Huidenvettersplein 4

Fish restaurant adjoining a fresh  fish shop  

Guillaume  - Korte Lane 20

Fine dining in authentic surroundings

‘t Jong Gerecht – Langestraat 119

A relatively new business with a young team

Patrick Devos – Zilverstraat 41

Modern gastronomy

Spinola – Spinolarei 1

Romantic restaurant where the chef uses herbs from his own garden

De Visscherie –Vismarkt 8

Gastronomical fish restaurant


Au Petit Grand – Philipstockstraat 18

Grilled fish and meat dishes as well as dishes for children and vegetarians

Breydel De Coninc -  Breydelstraat 24

Family run known for it’s mussels, eels and lobsters

Café des Arts – Markt 32

Cosy brasserie in 18th century style serving classic French & Belgian cuisine

Cambrinus – Philipstockstraat 19

Brasserie in a historic building offering 400 different beers. Lunch, snacks, dinners or just beers.

La Civiere D’Or – Markt 33

Gourmet cuisine serving regional specialities including oysters game and rabbit.

De Carre – Markt 26

Refined regional dishes, shellfish and meat dishes

Cafedraal – Zilverstraat 38

A bar and restaurant in a unique setting

Café Central/La Sirene D’Or – Markt 30 – 31

Café/restaurant with cosy interior and sunny terrace

La Dentelliere –Wijngaardstraat 33

Typical Bruges restaurant with specialities like rabbit, lamb and mussels, also snacks.  

Eetcafe De Vuyst – Simon Stevinplein 15

Trendy bistro with garden and terrace

‘t Fornuis – Blankenberge Steenweg 65

Offers a quick bite or an extensive seasonal menu  

De Gastro – Braambergstraat 6

Romantic and trendy restaurant serving home made dishes including personal creations.

Gruuthuse Hof – Mariastraat 36

Family run serving typical Flemish cuisine.

De Gouden Kroes – Hoogstraat 12

Former goldsmiths studio from the 17th century. Specializing in Flemish dishes like grandmother used to make

‘t Gulden Vlies – Mallebergplaats 17

Bruges oldest and famous night restaurant serving French cuisine with regional dishes.

‘t Huidevettershuis – Huidenvettersplein 10-11

Authentic Guild Hall interior situated on a canal.

Den Huzaar – Vlamingstraat 36

For connoisseurs. Fresh market produce used to prepare Bruges dishes

Jan Van Eyck – Jan Van Eyckplein 12

Belgian seasonal dishes plus tearoom serving fresh pancakes and waffles

De Koetse – Oude Burg 31

Cosy restaurant specializing in grilled fish, meat dishes mussels and lobster

Malpertuus ‘t Voske – Eiermarkt 9

16th cellar with fireplace specializing in eels, mussels fish vegetarian and grills

Manuscript –Prinsenhof 8

Refined Belgian cuisine in a historical setting.

Marieke van Brugghe – Mariastraat 17

Art Nouveau restaurant serving grilled meat and fish dishes with fish from the North Sea

A Selection Of Restaurants

Café Pick -  Eiermarkt – Location – See Map
Stylish pub with modern interior. Sunny terrace for daytimes for any age group but in the evenings it is more for the younger generation with disco. Reasonably priced beer

Charlie Rockets -  Hoogstraat 19 – Location – See Map
Young travellers American style pub with pool tables, darts football on TV and cheap beer.
Live bands some weekends.

Wereldcafe De Republiek -  St Jakobsstraat 36 - Location - See Map
This is part of the Lumiere Cinema building and is popular with a local slightly 'alternative' clientele of all ages.  Serves intersting light meals until late and has a super inner courtyard which is a real suntrap.

The Volkshuis Pub – Near By  Vismarkt – Location – See Map  
Standing on the corner overlooking the fishmarket, this pub is modern, spacious  and comfortable . Reasonably priced beers, excellently kept and live British football games shown on several large LCD screens. Suitable for all age groups.

The Druids Cellar - Sint-Amandsstraat 11b – Location – See Map
An old atmospheric Irish pub just off the Market square, under a chinese restaurant.  It is very popular with young people at weekends. Good atmosphere, candlelit and good music.

Delaneys Irish pub and restaurant  - The Burg – Location – See Map
Large Irish pub comprising several 'rooms' , interesting decor, log fires, good food menu and guinness! wifi and entertainment at weekends.

Bellman Pub - Jozef Suveestraat 22 – Location – See Map
Located just off the Fishmarket near the Astrid Park, this is a traditional pub with a cozy interior and a nice terrace. Spaghettis and snacks available.

2-be - Wollestraat 53 – Location – See Map
The place to be! Clever name and a  good concept of a beer and souvenir shop and a bar all  in a 15th century Mayor's house with a lovely terrace overlooking the canal.

B- in - Zonnekemeers (Oud Sint-Jan) – Location – See Map
Another clever name - this chic restaurant/lounge bar is the place to 'be seen' in Bruges! If that is for you then it is an excuse to wear your smartest clothes. By day it has a very nice terrace with a canal view.

Joey’s Cafe - Zilversteeg 4 (off Steenstraat) – Location - See Map
A cozy bar by day or night offering a wide variety of drinks and snacks.

The Mayflower Lightship – Bargeweg – Location – See Map
Something completely different! This really is an old lightship, converted into a charming cafe restaurant still moored up on The Ghent/Bruges/Ostend canal, near to the coach park. On a summer's day it is the perfect place for a drink on the 'deck' or a lunch or snack or evening meal.

De Kelk - Langestraat 69 - Location - See Map
This bar can be described as a mix of old and new. From the outside it looks very much like an old Bruge beerhouse. Inside it is more modern than you would think. Having said that the owner does have a good knowledge of belgian beers and stocks more than a few speciality ales.

Vol au vent – Chicken in a creamy sauce,with the pastry case normally on the side and served with, yep, chips!.

Speculoos - a shortcrust cookie containing cinnamon and other spices - this is usually served in a biscuit form and served with most coffe orders and if you chose carefully some cafes also serve a side glass of Advocaat *

*Advocaat is a traditional Dutch / Belgian
rich and creamy liqueur made from eggs,

sugar and brandy. It has a smooth,
custard-like flavor and is similar to eggnog.
The typical alcohol content is generally
somewhere between 14% and 20% ABV.
Its contents may be a blend of egg yolks,
aromatic spirits, sugar or honey, brandy, vanilla and sometimes cream
(or evaporated milk)

And naturally the world famous Belgian Waffles, sometimes eaten as a street snack. Among the better-known syles are the Liège waffle, the Brussels waffle and the stroopwafel.

As mentioned on our museums page, Belgium claims to have 'invented' the chip, and even has a museum dedicated to such in Bruges. Frites as they are called here. 'Chips shops' (Friteries) are abundant, some even housed in portable wagons, two for instance on the main market . In addition to ketchup and mayonnaise, it is common to offer many others, with popular options including the following ;

Look-sauce - (garlic mayonnaise).

Pepper-sauce - mayonnaise with green pepper.

Sauce Andalouse - mayonnaise with tomato paste and peppers. Sauce Americaine - mayonnaise with tomato, chervil, onions, capers and celery.

"Bicky" Dressing - (Gele Bicky-sauce), a commercial brand made from mayonnaise, white cabbage, tarragon, cucumber, onion, mustard and dextrose.

Curry ketchup / Curry mayonnaise

Mammoet-sauce - mayonnaise, tomato, onion, glucose, garlic, soy sauce.

Sauce "Pickles"- a yellow mayonnaise-based sauce with turmeric, mustard and crunchy vegetable chunks, similar to Piccalilli.

Smurai-sauce - mayonnaise with sambal oelek.

Zigeuner sauce - A "gypsy" sauce of tomatoes, paprika and chopped bell peppers, borrowed from Geermany.

Carbonade flamande - Stoofvlees Stew from an always-simmering pot, in the spirit of British "Chips and Gravy".

Belgian Food - Vol au vent  -  Bruges Tourism

Maxmiliaan van Oostenrijk – Wijngaardplein 16-17

Traditional restaurant with Burgundian cuisine

De Middenstrand – ’t Zand 20

Dish of the day/ month and lunch menus on weekdays.

Mojo – Schaarstraat 4

World cuisine to Flemish classics using market availability.

De Mosselkelder – Huidenvettersplein 5

Mussels and eels simply served

Mozarthuys – Huidenvettersplein 1

17th century interior and sun terrace serving stone grilled meat and fish, light snacks, waffles and pancakes

Oud Brugge – Sint-Amandsstraat 12

Specializes in fish and meat dishes as well as snacks and a tearoom in the afternoon.

‘t Oud Kanthuys – Wijngaardstraat 30

Specializing in lobster, mussels oysters asparagus and local dishes and has a beautiful conservatory and sun terrace.

Oude Burg 22 – Oud Burg 22

Warm and cosy restaurant serving reasonably priced stylish dishes

‘t Pallieterke – ‘t Zand 28

Family business offering home cooked affordable Flemish dishes

Bistro Passeviet – Smedenstraat 48

Cosy bistro with a varied cuisine using fresh produce.

Pieter Pourbus – Pieter Pourbusstraat 1

16th century home of the painter, with rustic interior and fireplaces, specializing in monkfish and rib steak

Bistro De Pompe – Kleine Sint- Amandsstraat 2

Wok, grilled dishes and fresh salads.

Poules Moules – Simon Stevinplein 8-9

French cuisine and mussels and sumptuous desserts.

Rozenhoedkaai – Pandreitje 1a

A favourite with Brugeans serving crown of lamb, seafood soup, mussels and steak – affordable lunch

Sacre Coeur – Langestraat 137

Something for everyone with a broad selection of fresh regional dishes and beers.

‘t Schrijverke – Gruuthusestraat 4

Home made seasonally changing regional dishes with a tearoom in the afternoon.  

La Taverne Brugeoise – Markt 27

Typical Brugean restaurant with open fire serving typical Flemish dishes for example beef stew and fisherman’s cod.

De Torre – Langestraat 8

Trendy restaurant with south facing terrace overlooking a canal. Seasonal and regional dishes plus tearoom and snack menu . Possible for just a drink too.

Uienspiegel – Langestraat 2-4

Trendy canal side restaurant with sunny terrace on canal. Dishes grilled on Lava stone, snacks and home made ice cream or just a drink.

De Verbeelding – Oude Burg 26

Pastas, salads, tapas, spare ribs and daily seasonal menus.

De Waterweelde – Dudzeelse Steenweg 77

seasonal cuisine in comfortable surroundings. Eel, fish and meat dishes. Children welcome. Tea room at weekends.



Adriatico  - Sint Amandstraat 9  

Well established reputation in Bruges for many years.

La Cantina - Philipstockstraat 33

Eat in or take away dishes

Carlito's - Hoogstraat 21

Fresh pizzas and pastas and Italian wines.

Riva de Sole - Wollestraat 22

Italian and French cuisine. Pizza baked on stone.


Oriental Wok Dudzeelse Steenweg 27-29

Chinese and Japanese buffet.

China -Zuidzandstraat 45

Oldest Chinese restaurant in Bruges. Chinese rice tables also vegetarian dishes.

Koto/the Orchid - Potterierei 15

A typical Teppan Yaki restaurant.


Narai Thai -Smedenstraat 43

Authentic Royal Thai cuisine.


Indian tandooriOude gentweg 11


De Bron - Katelijnestraat 82

This is a lunchtime only restaurant and you have to ring the bell to get in!. You join a table of others and choose what size of the daily menu you want. Take-Away too !

Fusion at De Stoepa- Oostmeers 124

Vegetarian friendly with an oriental twist. Drinks, snacks and meals. Sunny terrace garden.

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